• The patented (US Patent 10,696,470) DRACO gas delivery system (GDS) is a multi-use tool designed specifically for the safe delivery of command initiated, indoor safe baffled chemical grenades and CTS 7290M NFDD’s (noise flash diversion devices) into a hostile environment, including hardened structures and/or vehicles.
  • The DRACO GDS is the only gas delivery system which allows an operator the ability to use a continuum when formulating the most reasonable and effective gas plan for the operation (ie. Smoke, Vapor, OC, CS)
  • The DRACO GDS was engineered to be seamlessly coupled to the ram bars sections of a Lenco Bearcat.
  • The DRACO GDS enables officers to deploy the chemical grenades and NFDD’s in a controlled manner from the safety of an armored truck
  • The DRACO strong box is equipped with a 12volt high-pressure air unit which assists in the delivery of chemical agents throughout a structure or vehicle.
  • The DRACO GDS, coupled with a Lenco Armored vehicle, allows operators to breach fortified structures and vehicles in order to deploy chemical agents.
  • The DRACO gas head is equipped with hardened break tips to breach heavy glass and create openings in a structure and/or vehicle.
  • The DRACO system uses baffled chemical grenades with command initiated fuze heads. J&N recommends either CTS or Def Tech manufactured baffled chemical grenades.
  • The chemical canisters are fired by J&N Tactical’s patented – mechanical, eight-trigger, command- initiated firing system.
  • The DRACO gas delivery system is equipped with a storage stand which allows for maintenance, storage and training.
  • Engineered DRACO gas head truck mount with safety cables and mounting hardware.
  • DRACO gas head weight:  95lbs
  • DRACO gas head dimensions: 32”x9”x9”
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
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