DFS-10 – DRACO Wireless Electronic Firing System


The DFS-10 Kit is a purpose-built, 10-channel, wireless, Remote firing system designed specifically for the Draco Gas Delivery System. This kit consists of one DFS-10R Remote and one DFS-10C Controller. The Remote cannot arm or fire on its own, making it quite safe to work around. The Controller is the safety key: nothing occurs at the Remote until the user initiates commands from a linked Controller.  This allows the operator to initiate the NFDD’s and command initiated chemical canisters from the safety of an armored vehicle.  System comes with controller, remote, antennas, screwdriver to remove battery cover, allen driver, quick release controller mounting plate, CR123 battery caddy and waterproof SKB hard case.  System is sold separately and not included with the DRACO Gas Delivery System.