• BR-5 allows the operator the ability to breach a window from various angles, thus creating a greater tactical advantage.
  • Patented two break-head design clears out more glass on the first initial breach – US patent 8,387,487 B2
  • The “Hammer Plate”, located at the base of the “Y”, will assist the operator in removing both vertical and horizontal window supports.
  • Engineered “Y” design allows operator to breach both top and bottom sliding windows on school and commuter buses with one strike.
  • The laser cut teeth on the break heads allows operator to chop through laminate glass and pull downward cutting through the laminate film exposing an opening.
  • One twist of the D-handle allows operator to pull fabric and window blinds instantly from an opening.
  • Equipped with two rake fins to remove stubborn pieces of glass captured by the window moldings, etc.
  • Replaceable hardened break tips
  • Constructed of steel
  • Powder coat primed and finished
  • Textured poly resin coating for long lasting durability and provides a good firm grip for operator
  • Overall length – 60”
  • Weight – 11 lbs
  • Lifetime warranty – Note:  Break tips are a consumable item; an armor kit can be purchased separately which contains 11 break tips.
  • Truck mounts available for this tool
  • Call or email for a quote/pricing or to order.


I am an operator with a multi-agency fugitive task force in a major Metro Politian city. The BR-5 has been an instrumental tool for us in apprehending violent and dangerous fugitives from justice. We have used the BR-5 to remove fugitives from attics by tearing the ceiling down while there are being monitored with a pole cam. The BR-5 has also been used to break and rake windows during failed breaches which allowed us to control dangerous fugitives from outside the room until we were able gain entry.  It also aided in the recovery of evidence that was dropped behind walls with voids in them that you cannot access without tearing the wall out. We have used other tools to breach windows and walls but the BR-5 has been superior in effectiveness and intimidation. I highly recommend this product and suggest any tactical team to test and evaluate it for themselves.