• BR-3 allows the operator the ability to breach a window from various angles, thus creating a greater tactical advantage.
  • Patented two break-head design clears out more glass on the first initial breach.
  • The “Hammer Plate”, located at the base of the “Y”, will assist the operator in removing both vertical and horizontal window supports.
  • Engineered “Y” design allows operator to breach both top and bottom sliding windows on school and commuter buses with one strike.
  • The laser cut teeth on the break heads allows operator to chop through laminate glass and pull downward cutting through the laminate film exposing an opening.
  • One twist of the D-handle allows operator to pull fabric and window blinds instantly from an opening.
  • Equipped with two rake fins to remove stubborn pieces of glass captured by the window moldings, etc.
  • Replaceable hardened break tips
  • Constructed of steel
  • Powder coat primed and finished
  • Textured poly resin coating for long lasting durability which provides a good firm grip for operator
  • Overall length – 40”
  • Weight – 9.8 lbs
  • Accessories available – quick release sling and truck mounts.
  • Lifetime warranty – Note:  Break tips are a consumable item; an armor kit can be purchased separately which contains 11 break tips.
  • Call or email for a quote/pricing or to order.