The Sidewinder – 90 degree extension is compatible with all the BP- Series flashbang poles. The most effective way to prevent a NFDD contact injury is to prevent the device from coming in contact with people.  The Sidewinder™ extension allows the operator to insert a NFDD into an opening and directly control the placement of the device at the moment of deflagration.

The Sidewinder™ was designed to be used with a “breach and hold” technique where an operator may want to deploy a NFDD at a location and hold/secure the opening.

J&N Tactical received information from operators out in the field that they were laying our bang poles in the door way and running around them as the NFDD was deployed.  We were concerned about potential issues with operators tripping or catching their boots on the sharp teeth located on the clamp heads as the pole lay in the doorway.  The Sidewinder™ is coupled with a clamp head assembly which has no spikes or sharp teeth.

During the breach, an operator is able to stand back until the opening is clear.  The operator inserts the Sidewinder™ into the doorway on either side (unit is ambidextrous), pulls the trigger/pull ring pin, deflagration occurs and operator pulls the Sidewinder™ towards the door frame clearing the tool from the opening.

Note:  Space near the door and/or landing is an important consideration when deploying a NFDD with the sidewinder extension.  The Sidewinder™ also allows the operator the ability to push the door open and use it as a solid door stop to keep an opening for observation after the NFDD deflagrates.

The sidewinder was NOT designed to deploy a NFDD through a window at a right angle.