RIT-3 Tool


The RIT-3 Tool was developed after personnel in the fire industry were exposed to our patented double headed break and rake tool.  The tool was slightly redesigned with the fire/rescue needs in mind.  The RIT-3 now comes in high vis-yellow powder coat along with mn8 glow tape near the top of the D-Handle.  Our sling was redesigned by First Spear which is now made of Nomex material and equipped with a carabiner and quick release snap shackle.  The firefighter can sling the tool and carry more equipment up to the location and if needed while on the ground or ladder, the firefighter can grab the tool, pull the quick release shackle and use the tool to work a window or opening while the tool stays connected to the sling by the carabiner.  The RIT-3 also works very well to remove sheetrock, studs while working through a wall opening and chopping at he floor to test stability while moving towards a point of exit.  For any additional information, request a quote or place an order, please call or email us.